Wed Sep 23, 2020
12:00 PM - 04:00 PM

Leaves of the Tree at the Radford University Art Museum in the Covington Center and More Leaves of the Tree  at the Radford University Art Museum on Tyler.  The exhibits delight audiences in the wonders of leaves and their role in our environment.  The exhibitions’ overlapping themes will emphasize environmentally-conscious art, specifically works featuring foliage.  Shown in two separate galleries across campus, both exhibitions will run from September 23 throught November 7, 2020.

“Leaves of the Tree” will display at the Art Museum in the Covington Center, and will feature original works from local artists Charlie Brouwer and Jennifer L. Hand. The exhibition’s centerpiece will feature a 23-foot-high tree trunk fabricated from slab wood surrounded by hundreds of life-sized suspended leaves sewn from donated fabrics. Brouwer will build the trunk while Hand will create and install suspended fabric leaves around it. Various other works by Brouwer and Hand will be on display, including wood sculptures, drawings, paintings, video and mixed-media reflecting the theme of leaves as objects of beauty and metaphors for our interconnectedness.

Hours subject to change based on university scheduling and pandemic conditions.  Please contact the RU CVPA department at 540-831-5754 or to plan your visit.

Pre-registration for the exhibits is available through the RU Involved events page:

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