This event finished on 31 January 2018

12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Karen Phillips Sewell was raised in Floyd, Virginia, surrounded by the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.  She has had a passion to create all her life.  The natural beauty of the region provided ample material for her early artistic works as she filled her sketchbooks with images of animals and nature.  Sewell also loved to listen to her elders relate the stories of their childhoods and a past long gone.  Over time, the beauty of her surroundings and the stories of old-time traditions have greatly influenced her artwork. 

In Karen Sewell’s own words: “I have diligently developed my own style of painting, which I feel is still evolving and growing. As I have grown artistically through the years, my goal is now to convey the feeling of what I paint to the viewer.  If I paint a tree, my hope is that the viewer will feel the roughness, sense the wind and movement within the scene.  I often incorporate some of the Blue Ridge tradition and culture into my work.”

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