Welcome to the City of Radford Art Trail. This trail encompasses art work, murals, and art museums/exhibits within the city as well as on Radford University’s campus. On this trail, you will see both temporary and permanent pieces throughout Radford. While visiting, take a look at the other things to do while in Radford. Whether it is a peaceful walk by the river in Bisset Park, or visiting stores & restaurants in our commercial districts, there are many leisure and interesting things that Radford has to offer. Enjoy the art along the way!

Please view above or click here to view the full Art Trail map!

Here’s just a couple of the art pieces you may see while in Radford!

The Art Trail stretches through the whole city of Radford but can be easily surfaced within a small drive. While driving on the trail, visitors pass through our Main Street commercial districts. On Main Street, you can visit our unique stores and restaurants. Visitor’s can also walk down by the New River at Bisset Park! Don’t forget to visit the Radford Visitor’s Center and the Glencoe Museum for more things happening in the area or for a look into the history of the city!

The purpose of the trail, like art trails found in other cities, is to provide art lovers with an easy-to-follow map to see the area.  For visitors (or even residents) this is also an easy way to discover some of the finer things in Radford!

Hop in the car, take a drive, see beautiful things, and have fun!

Come by to pick up the Art Trail brochure at the Radford Visitor’s Center (Inside Glencoe Museum). Please view the map with all the locations and information on the art pieces in the map above! Printed out maps can also be found at the Radford Visitor’s Center or can be downloaded below.

For more info about other things to do in Radford or for information about the City’s Art Program, contact:

Radford Visitor’s Center
600 Unruh Drive
Radford, VA 24141
Email: info@visitradford.com
Phone: (540)-267-3153

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